Top Decorating Tips For A New Home

5 New Home Decorating Hacks You Need To Know

Top Decorating Tips For A New Home


” Oh, where do I even begin?”

If you’re moving into a new home or purchasing your first home, this thought has probably entered your mind.

Home decoration – particularly for new homeowners – can be a fun and exciting project! After all, you call all the shots in creating a gorgeous home that will be a safe haven for you and your family.

But starting off with a blank slate? It can get overwhelming pretty fast!

Top Decorating Tips For A New Home
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Don’t panic; with a couple of home decorating hacks, you can achieve the perfect look for the home of your dreams!

To help you along, we’ve put together a basic guide that will show you the basics of how to decorate every room in your home. We’ll give you the most important new home decorating tips on picking the right decor, fixtures, and furnishings based on your needs, tastes, and budget.

With these tips, you can convert your newly bought house into a home sweet home!

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Start with the basics

The reason why most new homeowners get confused is because there are countless options out there! Online stores, huge franchises, and local shops sell different kinds of furniture with so many varied styles.

So the first step is to determine your unique needs and tastes. This way, you’ll have a clear set of goals before you get around to shopping. Not only do you get to save time and money, you can enjoy the shopping with much less pressure too!

Here are the first steps you need to take before decorating:

Measure first. It’s important to get the correct measurements of every room in your home, alongside its permanent fixtures. This will keep your furnishings from overcrowding or getting drowned by the room.

Create a floor plan. Don’t get scared off yet! There’s an effortless way to come up with a floor plan for your home. You can even try an online floor plan creator! With this, you can put furniture and decor in spots where they look great and function flawlessly.

Set your decorating style. Crafting a unique look and ambiance in your home is vital to making it your own. If you don’t have a fixed style yet, you can get inspiration from decorating experts online. Pinterest, House Beautiful, Houzz, and even Reddit have decor ideas aplenty!

Paint, paint, paint

Nothing ties the theme of your home together better than a color palette! Colors set the vibe and the flair of your home and it compliments some flowers on the corner. They play a huge part in developing a unique look and even influencing your moods!

Plus, it’s an easy trick to spiff any room up! A fresh coat of paint can do miracles for old or unsightly cabinets, backsplash, walls, moldings, and more.

Here are a few steps you can follow to build an aesthetically pleasing color palette that fits your style:

Start with one color. Inspiration is key when it comes to developing your color palette! So start by picking out one color from a single source. For example, you can base your palette on the biggest furniture piece or fixture in your house.

Use your color wheel. Now that you’ve got that one color in tow, it’s time to enhance it with various shades and hues! You can study how to use color theory for your home to help you make the right choices. Color palette generators can be very useful, too!

Contrast warm and cool colors. Without contrast, your home will end up looking dull and boring. A clever solution is using warm and cool colors to establish an eye-catching yet harmonious visual flow. This can be tricky, but here’s a handy guide for contrasting warm and cool colors.


Choose your furniture carefully

Now it’s time to get new furniture. Whether you’ve repurposed your old furniture pieces or gotten rid of them, you’re sure to still need new pieces for your new place.

Furniture shopping can make you ponder how a task can be so thrilling and daunting at the same time! But with the right plan, you can make practical choices to get the lovely and comfy furniture you’ll adore.

Here are a few strategies for choosing the right furniture for your home:

Assess your tastes, budget, and lifestyle. What you can do is assign your personal style to a design category (e.g. contemporary, native, rustic, etc.). Set a budget limit for yourself. Jot down you and your family’s daily needs and habits to see how that will impact your picks.

Start with statement pieces. Make sure you go from big to small! With every room, you can start off decorating with the main or focal pieces. These include your bed, couch, carpets, entertainment units, and dining cluster. You can add supporting pieces over time.

Build DIY furniture. Got some tools and time to spare? Consider building custom DIY furniture for your home! This goes a very long way in making your home feel like your own. Plus, you can personalize each one according to your needs like adding flowers and the size of your target room.


Light it up

A lot of homeowners put lighting fixtures at the bottom of their priorities. After all, it’s just there to light your room, right?

But lighting is a critical aspect in decorating your home! It transforms the look and ambience of every room in subtle yet significant ways. It can affect your mood, liven up a room, and even make modest spaces look larger!

Here are a few tips for finding functional and elegant lighting for your home:

Choose the right lights for each room. Every room in your house serves a different purpose. That’s why they have specific lighting needs! So make sure to factor in which light fixtures work best for each room in your house you can add up some flowers.

Evaluate your size and style needs. Oversized lighting can make a room feel restrictive, while too-small fixtures can leave it looking dim. Make sure to get the correct light fixture size for every room. Then, you can explore several lighting styles that go with your home decor.

Layer your lighting. There are three kinds of home lighting: ambient, task, and accent. It’s essential to study how to layer lighting for each room in your home. This will help you create a spectacular lightscape to accentuate the visual appeal of your home.


Add accents

A fantastic house isn’t worth much if it doesn’t feel like a home without flowers. Putting in accents helps personalize your space.

That’s why it’s one of the most fun parts of home decoration! You get to put up decor that flaunts your personality and your passions. You get to challenge yourself by placing pieces with varied sizes and textures together.

Best of all, you get to tell your story with pictures and special items that hold precious memories!

Here are a few accents you can start with:

Wall art. Bare walls make your home look plain and even a little sad. Bring vibrance to your home with wall art! Paintings, posters, and family photo galleries can perk up any space in an instant.

Rugs and throw pillows. Not only do these pieces feel super comfy, they add to any room’s aesthetic appeal too! Rugs add texture and interest, while throw pillows provide a pop of color.

Flower Plants. These treasures of nature go with almost any style or decor! Even better, they cleanse the air in your home and improve your mood.