home repair and restoration

How to Do Easy Home Repairs and Touch-Ups

DIY Home Repairs and Design Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

There’s a reason that so many blogs and how-to guides on “adulting” have gotten so trendy in the last few years! School doesn’t exactly teach us about how to deal with the real world when you graduate out of college.
Whether it’s doing your taxes, or going home hunting, there are just some facts you’ll get outside the four walls of a classroom.

home repair and restoration

Some concepts, like basic home repairs or DIY home makeover ideas, you have to figure out right away. That’s why, for this article, we bring you a list of home repair and remodeling advice you’ll need to get going on your independent life!

We’ll link you to tutorials from the pros on

. You’re sure to get handy right away!

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6 Easy Home Repairs Every New Homeowner & 30-Something Should Know
So you’ve moved in your first place. You’ve bought all the basic furniture and fixtures, and you’ve even done some simple interior design!

Eventually though, you’re bound to come across a hitch in your home, and you’ll want to know how to fix it.

Whether it’s a leaky pipe or a hole in the wall, fixing the flower vase, we’ll teach you every easy home repair that new homeowners and 30-somethings should know! Before everything, however, you’ll need a proper tool kit to help you make these repairs.

Here are our certified must-have tools for every First homeowner and 30-something!

– Tape Measure
– Claw Hammer
– Screwdriver (Phillips and flat head).
– Pliers (Needle-nose and grooved).
– Wire Cutters.
– Vise-Grip or Adjustable Pliers.
– Level.
– Metal Straightedge.
– Nails & Screws.
– Drill (cordless if you can afford it)
– Spackle.
– Putty Knife.
– Utility blades.
– Glues (superglue, carpenter’s, wood, white).
– Pencils and blue painter’s tape.
– Stepladder.
– Packing Tape.
– Paint Can Key.
– Solvents to eliminate stain.

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When you get that, you’re set to deal with any repair or patch-up that comes your way. With advice from the experts on DIY home repairs, you’ll master easy home repairs in a snap!

# 1 Replace or Fix Busted Toilet Lever
This one’s a piece of the cake. In most cases, you just need to pop the toilet open and see if anything is jamming the lever’s movement.

Usually, you’ll simply have to re-attach the chain. After that, you’re good!

But sometimes, the lever might have eroded or one of its parts fell off. In that case, you’ll need to replace the bits. Don’t worry, though, because these parts are readily available and low-priced in your local hardware store.

From Homeowner Series.

What you’ll need:
– Vise-Grip or Adjustable Wrench- Replacement Kit (if the lever or any bits are damaged)

# 2 Fix or Replace Leaky Pipes.
Regardless of how “well-built” you think the pipes in your apartment are, they’re going to break down at some point. The most typical issues with pipes are loose or broken compression nuts or a worn-down washer.

To mend that, first, you’ll need to shut off the water. Depending on the structure of your pipes and home, there should be a valve under the sink itself or in your basement.

Be sure to have a bucket under the pipe once that’s off. You’ll need that to get any excess water or muddy grime that’s built up inside.

Then, twist off the compression nuts (for old buildings, these will be the big white pieces you can loosen without needing tools). Take out the P-trap and clean it out, and also the inside of the pipes you can get to. You might want to use an old toothbrush to better scrub them.

Restore your washer and P-trap and tighten them back on when you’re done cleaning out your pipes. After that, switch on your water and you’re good to go!

From PF Plumbing.

What you’ll need:
– Bucket.
– Old toothbrush.
– Replacement P-trap or washer.

# 3 Fix a Clogged Toilet or Sink.
Listen up, new homeowners! A clogged toilet is possibly the most frustrating home repair you can ever come upon.

It may get tempting to just hire a plumber and have them fix it for you. But trust us – it will be better for you over time to find out how to do it yourself.

You’ll save money from costly plumber’s fees, and you’ll have studied a handy life skill! It’s easier to see it in action, so look at this great video training from The Home Depot.

From Reader’s Digest.

What you’ll need:
– Toilet plunger.
– Toilet auger (for major clogs).

# 4 Replace a Light Switch and Lightbulb.
Despite having recent developments with LED bulbs and smart light switches, no light will last far beyond a few years. You’ll have to know how to replace your bulbs and switches so you don’t have to spend on the electrician’s fee.

For bulbs, you normally just have to loosen the bulb and screw in the replacement light.

For switches, make sure to shut down the circuit breaker. Use the screwdrivers to remove the faceplate and the switch itself. Then remove the wires from the old switch and attach them to the replacement switch.

Put them back on the wall and you’re good to go!

From Ultimate Handyman.

What you’ll need:
– Screwdrivers (Flathead and Phillips).
– Replacement bulb or switch.
– Step ladder (for bulbs).

# 5 Patch Up a Hole in the Drywall.
Holes in the wall are almost inevitable, whether you like it or not. But don’t lose hope! Unless you’ve taken an actual wrecking ball to destroy the wall, you’ll can get it fixed.

This may get a little tough to follow along, so look at this guide from Build.com on how to spackle up a hole in the drywall!

From Plan It DIY.

What you’ll need:.
– Putty Knife.
– Spackle.
– Drywall.
– Drywall tape.
– Wood board.
– Electric drill.
– Wood screws.

# 6 Unstick a Window.
When you don’t open a window for a long time, it’s bound to have some dirt and muck build-up at the borders. It’s completely fixable, but you’ll have to grease it up a bit to get it loose.

This page gives a fantastic tutorial that you can follow along to loosen up a stuck window!

From Home Addition Plus.

What you’ll need:.
– Putty Knife.
– Cleaning supplies.
– Rag.
– WD-40 or another lubricant.

Check into this list of home repairs you can do yourself from Family Handyman and get your house in working condition again!

Affordable Home Makeover Ideas to Perk Up Your Place.
Residing in a place with the exact same walls, décor, and furniture can get boring after a couple years. Everybody likes to redo their place every now and then. And with the trends of interior design evolving around the clock, there are always fresh things to try.

Sometimes, though, there may not be enough room in the budget, especially for first-time renters. But no worries!
We’ve put together a list of DIY home upgrades that you can do for practically no money! From giving your walls a fresh coat of paint to placing gorgeous wood accents, your home will look brand new.

Plus, if you choose to resell your home sometime down the road, you’ll be boosting your property value with these little tricks and tips to upgrade your place.

Here are a several ideas to affordable home makeover ideas to give your place a little life!

  • Repaint Your Walls!
  • Floorboards on Walls.
  • Upgrade Knobs & Deadbolts.
  • Redo Bathroom Caulk.
  • Spruce Up with Some Backsplash!
  • Wood & Metal Accents.
  • Refurbish Old Garage Doors
  • DIY Baseboards, Molding, and Trim.
  • Framed Mirrors.
  • Transform Your Lights!
  • Decorate Your Wall.
  • Clean Old Carpet Floors
  • Go Green!
  • Simply Declutter.