Interior Decoration 101

Standard Tips on Redecorating Your House

Everybody likes seeing a pleasant atmosphere whenever they get in a room! In fact, research studies reveal that certain kinds of interior design give off a calm and relaxing feeling. 

What more if you could come home to a magnificently embellished home, every day? What would it be like to feel relaxed and relieved of the day’s tension in a jiffy? 

We’re here to help make that happen! Read on to find the best tips from the finest experts on home improvement.

In this blog post, we take a look at an introduction to everything you need to learn about interior design. We explain all the must-haves to remodel and refurnish your house from the kitchen area to the bedroom. 

This useful guide to Interior Decoration 101 is fantastic for newbies! Here, you can learn more about the standard concepts of refurnishing your home. You’ll discover the proper design and design for various spaces and locations in your house. You’ll find out how to keep a consistent tone and concept in each room and all through your home.

With our help, you can transform your house into the haven you’ve always imagined!

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Fundamental Principles on Home Redecorating

Can’t wait to decorate your brand new home? Or are you impatient to revamp your house? Whatever your motivation for redecorating, it never hurts to brush up the basics! 

It’s necessary to know how to make use of your area. With this, you can set out your furnishings in various rooms and spaces in your house.

Here is an overview of the fundamental concepts on interior house design from our leading restoration experts that everybody must understand! 


A sense of balance is vital to creating an appealing vibe for your home! To accomplish this, the placement, colors, textures, and patterns of your décor and furniture need to complement each other. You need to consider how to match them up and distribute them all throughout your home. 

There are three kinds of balance: 

Symmetrical – Duplicates styles on either side of the space

Asymmetrical – Does not need a precise mirrored image on 2 sides of a space

Radial – Designates a focal point to create color palettes and set other décor and furniture around.

Proportion & Scale

These two aspects are directly connected to the aspect of balance. Proportion concerns the size of one thing in relation to another. Scale takes into consideration the size of an object in relation to the room. 

You might recognize the Greek principle of the Golden Ratio. This is where the ratio of the smaller object/s to the bigger object/s should be the same as the larger object/s to the entire room or area. You can use this principle in your decoration!

Consistency & Unity

These are the most intuitive parts of style for home decoration and other forms of art. Harmony and unity ensure colors and designs in the entire room complement each other. This two help bring the themes of the other areas of your house and your house as a whole.


Rhythm concentrates on how to align the composition of furniture and even the appliances in a room. This way, it does not distract from the intended design and rhythm of the style of the space.


Your natural impulse is likely to assemble similar shades of specific colors into a specific combination. But you shouldn’t be reluctant to use some fundamental color theories in remodeling your rooms. Step out from monochrome! 

Test the waters with complementary, triadic, and analogous combinations for your home.


This is especially crucial for spaces that use the radial balance. You can attain emphasis by directing all furniture pieces towards a focal point in the room. You can also do this through the careful placement of contrasting colors. Take note of the various sizes and textures of items in the design of a room like adding flowers on the corner.

Keeping with the Theme

After you’ve actually created a lovely style for your house, it’s necessary to keep a consistent tone & style for every room and space. So how do we do that? Here are a few ways to keep with the style all around your beautiful home.

Building patterns is one way of playing with your palette and including variety while still keeping a neat theme to tie together all the spaces in your house. From plaid and checkered to geometric and tribal styles, patterns are a fantastic way to enhance solid colors and formal balances without taking away from the room’s general theme.

Adding texture is another fantastic way to put a tailored touch to various spaces in your home. This is perfect for bedrooms and home offices. Select lace, cotton, and leather, a carpet, amongst others to let each room tell its own story.

Finally, putting intricate details is an outstanding way to modify your house! This helps you personalize the design in each space in your house while keeping your theme. Even the edges of your couch pillows or the colors of tiny embroideries make a huge difference! Little details like these can add unique features in every room. They can also enhance the overall theme and composition of your house.